Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What a Rail

Some have been to Arcot 13 times this year and not connected with it.  Some have done so straight away (and have the photo to 'prove' it!).  Others have made it third time lucky!

Rallus aquaticus has eluded me twice in recent weeks since Steve H captured his shot that mirrored one of those distant Loch Ness monster/tyre/otter/tree photos of the 70's.

But tonight, having planned a return to see Sometimes' Hobby at West Hartford, I bumped into Crammy with little to show for 90 minutes of hard observing as he left the place.  Being a kindly soul, I dropped him off at his Des Res, my reward was a well soiled car mat with two muddy welly prints on!!!!

At Arcot, nice to see one of the Magnificent Seven, Sir Dee of Southfield Green with Dee Jnr and Poppy the derg.  After a wee chat, back to the scope and the 60+ Mallards that had replaced Sunday's 60+ Greylags (David Blaine, eat your heart out!).

And then in the far NE corner, tippy-toeing over the shore, in and out of the reeds, young Water Rail.  After 8:00pm, the sun going down over the golf course's club house, and in the quiet bliss, one man a crackin' bird(ooo-errr!).

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