Monday, 10 October 2011

He Who Laughs Last......... The Guvnor.

A birding tale using the medium of text:

The Guvnor (TG) - Lesser Scaup Juv marden quarry Sun pm.
The Liverbirder (TL) - As in whitley bay!
TG - Yes
TL - BirdGuides has no sign of L Scaup this morning. Boo hiss!  Another Yank with Northumbria-phobia!!
TG - I predict Holywell or Swallow Pond! Worth a look
TL - Indeed.  I will let the traffic die down and have a go.
TG - Plus Tynemouth boating lake
TL - LOL!!!!!
TG - Seriously!
TL - Ok.  In that case I'll check out Northumberland Park to see if it is with the Mandarin!!!!

And then at 2:43pm
TG - Lesser Scaup at Tynemouth boating lake right now!
TL - Kidding.  En route in 10.  And wipe that smug grin off your face!  You're not The Guvnor for nothing!

These are actual events and the names have been (partially) changed to protect the innocent.

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  1. Your doing boating lakes now then? :-) Might have a sneaky look myself. Cheers.