Sunday, 12 February 2012

Getting More Like V. Meldrew Esq.

I'm getting older, wiser and less patient these days.

After a set-to with a local resident who (wrongly) accused me of letting my dog mess on 'his' grass, today's strop was self-contained but related to a dog walker who 'dared' to get 50 yards ahead of me at West Hartford and let his dog off and consequently any birds were long gone.

The walk started well with Grey Wagtail and Kingfisher along Horton Burn and one SEO on the field at the back of the Fire Station.  Downhill thereafter, I'm afraid, as the man clad in a fluorescent green, knitted hat and similarly 'camouflaged' gloves (the rest of his garb was dark blue) strode in with his mad black labrador and after that, no need to walk any further for me.  Two Mallards made a sharp exit, but I did not hang around to see what else followed.  Teal where whistling away on the SW field, the thaw is certainly welcome.

As for the man with a gait like he was trying to retain a champagne cork between his buttocks (you know, Ronnie Corbett-like), I don't believe it!!!!

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  1. Not as good as when Victor goes into the Garage and they ask who he is:
    "Victor Meldrew the crimson avenger!" lol