Saturday, 18 February 2012


This patch birding is becoming a bit addictive, as well as saving me a hod of fuel and quite some time.  Long may the fascination continue (I'd still drop everything and drive like Cruella if a Lifer was about (unless it's in Gwent)).

West Hartford was somewhere between Predictable and Interesting on the swingometer.  As I walked towards the end of the road, four SEO lifted together and dispersed over the brickhouse field.  Spectacular!

On the water, the usual mix of gulls, Lapwings and Teal, with a nice Shelduck drake for company and four Greylags dropping in as I left.  Two Skylarks were singing.

Arcot was similar.  Gadwall numbered five, Goosander three, and yesterday's five Wigeon had gone.  Plenty of Teal, a handful of Mallards, Moorhens and the usual gulls.  The lane was alive with Bullfinches and a Treecreeper in the large tree to the west of the access gate found a sizeable moth in a recess and thereby enjoyed a late breakfast.

Mrs Greenpecker was still at the BNR, the ponds near the NW corner now alive with frogs (Spring is officially here!), but the undoubted highlight of the morning is this we fella, a flash of white catching my eye as I entered the BNR.

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