Wednesday, 25 April 2012

(And another) Nice Surprise

06:05/06:30 today ay Arcot, all quiet on the new migrant front.  Two Mute Swans were joined by another four, headed bizarrely by a Greylag as they hit the water from the SE, and joined another seven Greylags that had dropped in whilts I was there.  Four Tufties (two pairs) and several Mallards added to the usual Moorhens and Coots.

The Otter was back again, in the SW of the lake, doing what they do best, fishing and frolicking!

I have some 'photos' that will be posted later, but I would guess they will probably look like those infamous Loch Ness Monster ones; the 'is it a Plesiosaur?', 'is it a tree?', 'is it a wave?' ones!

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