Sunday, 22 April 2012

(Mis)Read Letter Day

06:30 and as ever, weather to make Noah smile.  Back for a nap it was, then.

08:15 and a text from Crammy that appeared to say - Gshawk main pool wh now.

Given it was Phil 'The Wryneck' that was texting, it was a quick call to make sure it was still there and after confirming it was, Cruella De Vil took to the road.  A minute or two later, shoelaces not even tied, and a wee sprint-ette to the pool side.

Still there?
Yes, to the left of the right wind turbine on the pool edge.
Near the Greenshank?
It is the Greenshank!

Re-read the text - Gshank main pool wh now!

As Unlucky Alf would say,.....


  1. No wounder you don't find Goshawk very easily. I think you are looking for them in the wrong habitat, I have never seen one on a pond.

  2. There are trees in the area too, you know! And Phil is a bit of a Midas so anything's possible (well, nearly!).