Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bassington NR

No sign of the Green Woodpecker this afternoon, but a nice Kestrel v Sprawk 'dogfight' over the wooded area was a good start.

Plenty of Odonata, many paired up, all over the place.  The west end had at least three Black Darters and their Common (note: thanks, Brian (again)) cousins:

And in the throes of procreation (is nothing sacred?):


  1. At least they make little love shapes while "at it".
    Best we can manage is "the wheelbarrow"

  2. I saw the Black darters but could find no females, the ruddy you mention are common darters, Ruddy Darters are much deeper red with a pinched in waist and all black legs.

  3. AS ever, Mr B, I am older and wiser! Many thanks.