Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Broad Minded

News and a few shots of a Broad-billed Sandpiper at Seaton Snook (is that a real place?  Like Atlantis!) yesterday had me to-ing and fro-ing about whether to travel today or not, and if so, when.  After seeing it on BirdGuides this morning, I was minded to go for the evening high tide, and then I thought, 'Bollocks, just do it!' so it was a 1:30 arrival and after 30 minutes of plodging in my wellies across soft sand with optics and cameras and a fleece on, I was kapput.

BirdGuides came up trumps yet again, with a new location at Seal Sands.  Like Robinson Crusoe pulling himself by his fingernails across the sand, I slowly manoeuvred my wrecked self back to the car and off south.

And then to the hide, and some patience from one within in terms of, 'Do you see the X?  Well look left and past the Y.  Then look down and to your left and where the Z is, it's there.'

And after what seemed like a lifetime, a Lifer.

Very distant, requiring the 60x zoom, and frequent focussing and refocussing, but a Broad-billed Sand nonetheless.



  1. Brian - I have some 'images'. The Ringed Plover can easily be made out. The B-b S is a smudge at best. The problem, as well as distance and focus, was the 'mobility' of the floor in the hide at Seal Sands - fart and it moves. And it was quite windy, so getting a steady tripod/scope was impossible.