Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Eastern Algarve Birding - 30/8 to 6/9 - Part 6

It's now 4th September, only two more days of being 47, and off west to Quinta do Lago, right in the middle of the Algarvian golf cartel, and where there's golf, there's money.

Home of the Purple Swamp-hen, and with bird hides too (luxury), it's a great place, as I hope you'll agree.

Here goes with the days images.  First off, more Crested Larks:
The view from the two-storey, non-metallic, non-graffitied hide:
 Porphyrio porphyrio looking grand:
Also present were Coot, Moorhen, Shoveler, Gadwall, Pochard, Black-headed Weaver, Great-crested Grebe and a very quick -fly-by by a marsh tern (not i/d'd).

The highlights were firstly a Glossy Ibis rising from on clump of vegetation and across the pond to another.  But the undoubted star of the show, was this beauty:
 And there's more:


  1. Some nice shots there, matey!

    1. Many thanks, Derek. One decent-ish shot per 50 or so duds. Thank the Lord for digital!!!