Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Done My Bit

Laverock Farm at dinner time; not to buy a Sedgie or Howdie cream scone (I bet they both pronounce it scowwwn and not sconnn!) and latte from some lavish farm shop cafe, but two big bags of high energy bird food for soup kitchen-like distribution round some of the local hot-spots (hot!  hot!  freakin' freezin' more like).

Early meal worm interest from a Robin or two, but a trip round the bases tomorrow might see more activity.  Numerous drain covers up and down the side of the burn and the access road to West Hartford were given a dose, these covers appearing to remain snow-free unlike the rest of the place.

GSW added to patch list and an SEO lifted from the dead trees at the end of the road at Wessie.


  1. Liver, when it's scone it's scone.

  2. I like my SCONNS with dead flies, lurpak, jam and cream. Unfortunately work ties me to the desk during daylight hours so can only get out at weekends, weather, beloved, in-laws and parties permitting. My social calendar is just so fulllllll....... Cant even find time to get seed, but the fat balls and day old SCONNS and biscuits from the Greggs shop sure keep them flying in but still no siskins.


  3. Gentlemen - as ever, I am smiling. You two are the new Two Ronnies. Give up your day jobs and get on the telly - its Britain's Got Talent

  4. We've already applied for Britains Got Plonkers.