Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another B&W Day

Whilst out scanning the skies like the WWII Home Guard, this time for Cranes and not Fokkers (!), I had five White Wagtails on the temporary flash/big puddle in the field east of the sub-station at Wessie.  No sooner had I texted the rest of Dad's Army than they flew off as a flock high and NW never to be seen again.

Crammy (now which member of the sitcom cast is he?) arrived and put me onto some local feeders with a duo of male Blackcaps giving them some hammer, so that was the next stop.  And bingo, the local list is moving on towards 100 nicely.  I had another male nearer 4:00pm and this one at least made a bit of effort to break into song.

Breezy, chilly, dull and damp - a nice winter's day; wasn't Summer super! 

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