Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lesser of Two Evils

Arcot at 06:30 had an odd chap who was a scaffolder without bins nor knowledge scaring the living daylights out of me with a 'run silent, run deep' approach as I scanned the nothingness with my bins.  Give me ponies any day!

On the way out, Lesser Whitethroat calling from just inside the entrance style - bonus!

Wessie was chilly, bright and comparatively quiet - 10 Crossbills south and over the FRS HQ into Crosland Way was a welcome sight as I left.

EDIT:  13:30 pm, passing Arcot en route from B to A and something caught my eye on the southern edge of the SW corner.  Parked up and snook in for a quick look, and whilst scanning the area, a Green Sandpiper lifted, flew NE and was lost.