Sunday, 28 April 2013

Flogging It!

Probably three visits each to Arcot and Wessie today and yesterday - each one blends into the next when there's little of note.

Weekend's highlights - first ever Blackcap (male) and a Bullfinch on feeders in the grounds of Liverbirder Towers.

Couldn't locate the Little Owl on a very windy Beacon Lane this afternoon.  Bugger!  Back very early tomorrow.

Mrs M wanted to see the goats a Prestwick - something about looking at them makes me look 'normal'.  Goats duly 'ticked', off north up the road to the Sentry Box.

A Chiffchaff/Willow Warbler-like single peep, but not from the aforesaid - a male Redstart, first for the year and looking superb.

It 'ran ahead' up the hedgerows and then took a sharp left to go west along the hedgerow just south of the box.

Out of the wind by standing on the north-facing wall of the box, we watched it dropping out of the hedge to the ground and back.  Beaut!

And at least two other birds leaving the sun-bathed security of the hedge between box and big tree, one being a female Pied Flycatcher (both may have been).

A text message to PCF via Crammy and also a word to the wise for Andy Lewoc and off home.  I hope they contacted the birds.  Nice to see; better seen in an area with an NE23 post code though.


  1. I hope Mrs M enjoyed her visit to Prestwick (i'm sure a GWE had something to do with it). I can see her point re. the goats. Your real name isn't Billy by any chance ? lolol.

  2. I do not entertain the current pathetic modern parlance such as gripped nor gutted however I remain moderately frustrated having not seen said Pied Fly (an addition to the PC list) after leaving my quiet Sunday lunch with the folks in undue haste and spending a couple of hours looking for same. I will however be attending said location again first thing tomorrow no doubt joining ADMc and his bike (that doesn't sound remotely correct)