Thursday, 2 May 2013


Some days are simply, ornithologically fan-feckin'-tastic.  Take Avocet Saturday as one example, and today as another.  I'm even typing this with 'The Specials live' blasting out and a glass of red to hand!!

Up at 5:15am (without the need for an alarm clock) and time for an hour of patching.

Bright and sunny and still and first stop, as ever, Beacon Lane in search of the elusive Athene noctua.  Scanned the sunny side of the tall trees from the parking spot at o/s Beacon Mews, then off 'a pied' along the lane. Peaking around the LH bend and the fence posts at the RH band were clear.  So into the fallow field and intent on looking at the tall trees on both sides of the path looking south.

'Ello, what's that in the sunlight on the east side tree?  BINGO!!!!

Next stop was Arcot.  And nothing new to add by sight or sound.  Several Tufties started to emerge from the SW corner into the main lake, and then as I was checking them out, 'Ello, it's a Scaup! A patch Lifer and a bird not seen for nearly a decade, I believe.

Quick call to Crammy, impression of Blueline, and two happy campers.  Can it get any better?  Too right!  

Mid morning and 'ello, a text from Sometimes who had LRP at Wessie.  Five minutes later, dogs billhooks!  You'll be relieved there's no photo, no doubt.

Whilst basking on a hat-trick, 'ello, another text, this time from Crammy who had Wood Sandpiper at Wessie.  Crikey, and five minutes later.....

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