Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sometimes Crammy Teaser

Great day all round, to be honest.  No Killdeer over here (but it was last seen high and north-east bound so tomorrow it'll be at Arcot), but equally rewarding was my first ever Siskin on the garden feeders.

And to annoy Crammy, a Woodcock over (No. 8 for the week) and a first for the garden and for Mrs Liverbirder.

Wessie was noisy, especially the newly resident Tree Sparrow, belting its wee lungs out from the top of the tall tree to the east of the north end of the copse.  With Lance Armstrong off the team, Sometimes has taken to fill the void and was 'a vélo à l'île de Château' (some more French for Mr H Blogger!).  So in true Bullseye fashion, look at what you could have won:

Note - digiscoped at 75 yards!

Then off to BNR, with plenty of Siskin, and Woodcock No. 9 (Blah, blah fish!  Blah, blah barrel etc!).

Off out again with the woofles in a mo, so may be more to see and report.

DOUBLE FIGURES - 10th Woodcock of the week flushed from the west arm of the copse north of the sub-station.


  1. Bagging the Killdeer on my patch, somewhere between Druridge and Hauxley tomorrow!

  2. I don't do any bike riding now as I couldn't even get down the hill at Castle Island let alone up it(as you can probably tell by my Alfred Hitchcock silhouette) and visiting places (anywhere) is purely by "voiture" including getting the lovely Mrs H's Soap Magazines and papers from the corner shop to read with her breakfast which I prepare lovingly every day. Hope a few beloveds read this and take note. Cant keep up with your Woodcocks though, only 3 this week but am a bit ahead on those little yellow things that indicate the arrival of the migrants.


  3. I also had Siskin in my garden on sunday. 13 were on the feeders around 2:00