Sunday, 12 May 2013

Midas Touch

Saturday, before leaving for Liverpool, two tours of Wessie had 2 Dunlin and then 4.  And on the former, bumped into Super-silly-um and his well-behaved dog.

Back from Liverpool and out with my far from well-behaved dog for a quick tour of the patch.  The larger Flash had 5 Oycs and a gull or two.  It was near 20:40hrs and the light was fading BUT on the fence-line running E to W north of the smaller Flash, a female Cuckoo.  It looked not quite right, due to the bins, the light, the disobedient hound pulling my arm and a wee breeze.  It was deffo brown above and white below, and was seen to fly off the posts to catch huge caterpillars on three occasions.  I cannot recall seeing an adult brown one before, just the slaty-blue adults or brown juveniles.


PS - No sign early doors this morning (13/5)

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