Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Yeah, but....No, but....Yeah, but....

In to work for 4:30am today, much to annoyance of Mrs L.  Out at 4:55pm and through the doors for 5:10pm.  And then with the evening planned out, a text from Crammy.  And a dog to walk.  And chores to do.  And should I?  No, it's just a glammy Pied Flycatcher.  So off out with the dog.  And it's a nice evening.  And Mrs L is at work until 9:00pm.  And it might not be there tomorrow.  And f*ck it, let's go.

Well worth it, a beautiful pied bird showing very, very well and as active as the Purple Heron was playing musical statues.  Only without the music.

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