Thursday, 2 January 2014

Definition of the word Shit

So I was at Wessie H about noon today trying to add to the year list for Cramlington and it was dead. The female Kestrel was active as ever and successful, taking her prey to a fence post for lunch. Facing into the wind, with me 30 yards or so to the rear of her, the gourmet cuisine was eventually identified from glimpses as Kes's tail was maneouvred to combat the wind. It was a huge frog that writhed and wriggled as it was devoured slowly and probably painfully from the head backwards. But why was a frog available for Falco-related nutrition on 2 January 2014? It was a mild day but my garden pond frogs only emerge at the end of February or early March. So the poor amphibian wakes up, and realises it's two months too early. Shit!!!! And then, as it's about to turn over and have a lie-in, as it were, Mrs K drops in and it's even bigger shit!!!!

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