Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Tale of the Baby, Albino Heron

So just for a change, I was walking Herself on Tuesday morning when two local dogwalkers started a conversation with the implicit challenge of,'You know a bit about birds, don't you.' Yesterday's equivalent conversation of a duck that whistles was correctly met with a response of 'Teal' but Tuesday's was the answer to 'An albino baby heron on the burn yesterday (Monday).' 'Highly likely a Little Egret', says I. After the finer points of dark legs and yellow feet were discussed, we went our separate ways. So this morning, same time and same place and the two dogwalkers waving like madmen and directing me to the east end of Horton Burn near the park. 'It's there now! It's there now!' And it was (there). And it was (Egretta garzetta). And after alerting Crammy and Lindsay, and waking Sometimes up from his much-needed post-night shift beauty sleep, I left the trio to follow it and get some photees. And a Grey Wagtail on the burn on the way home too. Bargain!

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  1. Great patch watching events excellently put...Lush reading as always.