Sunday, 9 February 2014

Brace Yerself!

With the dedication to the patch that yielded success last year, talk of a yellow-rumped warbler (I am sure someone's making these names up) did little to draw me south (Tuesday, if it's still about, may be a different matter!!). Finely balancing keeping 'Er Indoors happy by some chore-related activity with spells in the rarefied Cramlington air eventually paid off. Woodcock have eluded me thus far in 2014, The Guv having four in one go at one stage and Crammy several singles. So not for the first time, the golf course's NE corner demanded some welly-clad activity, and not just one but two of the little blighters. Jack's failed to show (yet again) but a wee reward for many a plodge at Wessie with a duo of Oycs.

1 comment:

  1. Had a couple woodcock flushed at west Hartford last Sunday, short eared owl last Thursday pm and rumours of a bittern flushed by a dog walking birder I spoke to, not confirmed though.