Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pain 'n' the Rump

OK, so I succumbed. En route south, knocked-off Pochard for the Patch Year List; good start! Found the place easily off the A177, parked correctly, followed the source of the departing optic-carriers and voila, the trees, the lamp-post, the half-coconuts and the throng. The rain had stopped and it all looked good. A few glimpses of its yellow rear, and some other brief glances of various anatomical aspects, oft obscured by the thicket it was determined to remain within. And then the rain started again. And so the enjoyment speedily ebbed due to moisture, breeze, wet specs, damp optics, a timid quarry and people frequently walking in front of my scope. I know when I'm done; and I was done. So I've paid my fee to the bucket-shakers, seen a bird I'll probably never see ever again and had a ride out. The Life List is now one notch bigger but to be honest, did it give me any more pleasure than seeing the Little Owl on Beacon Lane? What do you think?


  1. Wonder how the twitchers felt ????
    I've not succumbed, yet.

  2. I went yesterday morning and had some good views of it especially when it dropped into the tree on the mound and onto the roof just beside us and enjoyed seeing it and as you said will probably never see one again. Then I shot off at 9.30 lured by Big Waters and it absolutely hissed down so I went home. Now I'm sitting waiting for the sun to rise (06.10) so I can get out and look at it again (Big Waters that is).

  3. I am on holiday all week and tomorrow have the whole day to myself to choose to go wherever. I think I will be predictable and tour the local coast. If something unusual decides to coincide with my visit I will be quite pleased. If there are any Twites around I will be very happy - and I've seen shed loads of Twites.

    1. Andrew, I was out on Saturday and noticed quite a few Twites also!