Monday, 11 May 2015

Faint Heart Never Won....

The Red-throated Pipit's presence at Seaton Common yesterday coincided with a necessary visit to a sick, elderly relative at Sunderland Royal. Given I was, therefore, but 15 or so miles away, and I did see her there on Wednesday, I momentarily toyed with the idea of dropping SWMBO off at the hozzy, hot-footing (car-ing?) it to the Common, and popping back with the bird in the bag. But I did say 'momentarily'; there are certain things a conscience prevents! So, tea cooked / eaten sharpish, dog walked (by another for a change) and at 6pm, off south and a welcome wee crowd-ette on a mound looking at the edges of a big puddle with lots of long grass surrounding but reassuring murmurs of 'it shows well' and 'it's still there' and after pestering the periphery of the throng for some landmarks, voila! Then gone. Then voila! Then gone again. And after half an hour, it flew within about 15 yards (I can use imperial measures now I am retired - none of that metric nonsense!) and so time, in fading twilight, with a bit of a breeze (getting my excuses in early) here's the shitty-shotties:

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  1. Shitty shotties (your words not mine) better than no shotties.