Saturday, 9 May 2015

Big Bogey Removed

Well, the shitty signs as referred to in my last blast worked - NOT! This p.m., and the 'how many birds can my black Lab put up' challenge was again in full flow as the dog owner let her 'pride'n'joy' spoil my day. It's all getting a bit tedious! On a more positive note, after a barren drop-in at Arcot I was heading for N/landia and at the W end of the lane, turned to head N on the A1068. A large bird was heading S on the E side of the road and it's 'relaxed' flight was not indicative of the ubiquitous Common Buzzard. And as we crossed, the forked tail confirmed Red Kite. There are three bogey birds for me in Viet-Cram: Milvus milvus, Pandion haliaetus and Anthus trivialis. And now there are but two!

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