Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Early Worm...

... catches the birds. Up'n'about at ten minutes past the early hour of 6am (I could get used to this 'no work' palava) and as usual, not a lot at Wessie H. Off to Arcot, and in line with the earlier venue, not a lot bar a few distant yaffles from the golf course. Beacon Lane next; was the Rouzel still there? If he was, he was having a lie-in and so not seen Just south of South Stream, in the wood to the west, the year's first Garden Warbler heard first ten seen (that saved a trek to the NW corner of Arcot!). And walking back, a 'Kestrel' dropped from a tree top and off west over the corn field. Except via the bins, this was not what it first appeared, but rather a Cuckoo that was lost from view near the far NW corner of the gold course. Nowt at N/landia so a flat finish to match the flat start.

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