Sunday, 28 February 2010

Air:Sea Rescued

Travelled north for a few hours this afternoon with the Chief Spotter (trusted canine companion stayed at home).  Bagged Barnacle Goose in the flock north of Bell's Farm, and then off to The Pools for the GWT.  Driving north, even I could see the big, yellow, noisy Boulmer-copter as it flew south and low.

Any way, eventually got to the Budge 'bean tin' (no wellies, which was a poor decision) and spent 15 - 20 minutes looking at every exposed Eurasion Teal imagining a vertical stripe, but the intended target was clearly snoozing in or behind a tuft of grass.

And then, prayers answered, as the RAF decided to fly over, causing everthing to lift off!  Oh, joy!  The reshuffled pack making Anas carolinensis an easier spot amongst its eastern cousins.

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