Sunday, 28 February 2010


Old enough to remember the adverts of the 70's?  Well, it's been a long time since I have posted, due to dog health, not been anywhere and computer problems.

Yesterday's dinner time patch stroll was reasonably eventful.  Sparrowhawk v Crow 'dogfight' over the Nelson Industrial Estate, pairs on Pintail (spectacular) and Shelduck on the Flash, two Buzzards harrassing the Woody flock over the woods to the north and a  bolt of brown lightning (no, not from my pup's rear end!  The money last weekend was well spent!) as what I believe was a female Sparrowhawk pursued its feathered quarry into the copse in the NE corner.

Mid 20s in terms of species, after a spot of lunch, off after the rain to Prestwick Carrs for an hour.  The field behind the sentry box was alive with Lapwings and Golden Plover and a Buzzard over being pestered by a Crow.  The red flags were out, so a military-like 'about turn' was greeted by a male Sparrowhawk very low to the left and approaching.  A-feckin'-mazing!

Even more so was a very damp Buzzard trying to dry itself in the top of a small tree at the back of the goat field (the goats now requiring SCUBA gear to get out of their sheds!).  Whilst drying my scope lens (euphemism?  No!) the bird vanished, then as I watched it left the long grass below its perch with what looked like a small rat.  The nearest fence post was duly used as a resting place to behead the prey, rip a few bits off, and then consume the rest whole!  A-feckin'-feckin'-mazing!

The north path was alive with Great Tits and Chaffinches but little else.

And so to this morning.  Out at 7:10 am and the same route as yesterday, this time 28 species noted.  The Pintail pair had morphed over night into a female Goldeneye but the Shelducks remained.  Three Roe Deer leisurely entered the woods after watching me and the pup to make sure we were not threatening.  No Buzzards nor Sprawks but a Kestrel was looking for its brekky and a single Mute Swan flew north.

Saw my first Common Frog today.  Unfortunately, it was squished on the road, making successful hibernation a complete waste of time.  Must check my garden ponds from now one to see when mine wake up!


  1. Pintail!!! WTF!!! My favourite bird on my patch and I miss them!!!!

  2. They flew off at 1pm, never to be seen again. If they are, I will let you know.