Friday, 15 October 2010


Well, now that Barred's a tick, and in anticipation of Vipers' joker appearing at any time, thought I would try and increase my 'dominance' with a Redpoll or two.  After a Dusky chat with Sir PC Wanderings last weekend, off the the Carrs 'early doors' in the hope of one.  A walk around Newburn Riverside mid-week had failed to locate any, so Option Two was necessary.

All was quiet as I walked west from the east end.  A Sparrowhawk was up and off north, and another (or may be the same one) lifted from the hedge further along and flew into the woods.  It had a peculiarly visible white 'panel' from the base of the tail running forwards along its flanks as it did so.  I have never noticed this in Sprawks before.

And then the text from SH re. Glossy Ibis at Cresswell so a slightly faster amble back to the car, with a calling Willow Tit moving through the hedge alongside. 

A Common Buzzard was perched on a telegraph pole opposite on the road from Dinnington to Horton Grange as I drove north.

Needless to say, the Ibis knew I was coming and was never seen again until I left the area at 11 bells.  Did spot a male and female Viperus smithicus in the south-facing hide, last seen moving towards the beach.  As I left the same hide, a gull was barracking a raptor (or as Americans say, Rap-torr!) over the big pool.  Bins raised, male Peregrine.  Nice!

And so off home, neither flat nor ecstatic.

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  1. I'd try either Arcot golf course or East Cramlington NR for Redpoll if I were you. Local as well