Friday, 15 October 2010

Nearly Shopped

Sainsbury's at Crammers this pm filling a trolley to then fill the cupboards and remove the Old Mother Hubbard-like ambience from the kitchen Chez Moi.  Thought I'd check the web to see if the Ibis had reappeared.  Alas not, but SIX Snow Geese at East Chev. merited a return visit before sun down.

Like supermarket sweep, but without the girlie commentary, it was trolley dash time, and Cruella Devile-like driving 'standards', with the foodstuffs delicately placed in the correct locations before another 101 Dalmations-esque trip north.

Not surprisingly, Foghorn was there just in advance of me, and the sextet was duly 'ticked'.  I have never seen any other than singles before and never seen a juvenile, so all'n'all they were well worth the journey.

No sign of the GN Diver tho'.  The flock of RTDs, GC Grebes and Common Scoters I saw this morning were still there, albeit a few hundred yards further north, but no sign of the Big Fella!

Thee's always tomorrow!!

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