Monday, 11 October 2010

Four Yorkshiremen

Well, dear Reader, it is with a significant degree of pride that announce the eventual arrival of Sylvia nisoria onto my L.I.S.T. 

At noon today, I located Spital Burn car park, N-b-t-S, and within about ten minutes, spotted a substantial, grey, fluffy ar*e in the rosehips to the immediate right of the car park entrance.  After five or so minutes of different, brief views, it disappeared for another ten, but was then picked up as it gorged on elderberries along the eastern edge of the car park. 

After the activity of dog walkers, pram pushers and loud chatterers, the bird became a little more confiding and I reached for the camera.  Relax, there's no sh*te record shot below because at that point a silver car with four blokes in arrived and the bird flew NNW and into the shrubbery along the northern edge. 

For the next 25 minutes, it was a mixture of swapping stories with the Doncaster-bred occupants and watching the antics of the Barred.

Four Yorkshiremen?  Not the Monty Python sketch, but a quartet of South Yorkshire 'character', en route to Holy Island for a few days of quality birding.

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