Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ready For Noah

With the alleged onset of very poor weather today, I resigned myself to dealing with some work-related, indoors activity.  My charitable deed was to tell Davy Tee of the Whitley Bay cemetery Black Redstart as I knew he had dipped the Druridge one last weekend.

The weather failed to get nasty, my work became tedious, and the thought of a few miles to see another BR got too much, so at 2:00 pm, off I went.

I met another guy outside the place, both of us apprehensive about entering somewhere where there was a sizeable funeral concluding.  There's something not quite right about getting excited when others there are grieving.

Anyway, as we entered, Alan Jack was leaving, three short bursts of BR in 30 minutes his 'tally'.  We entered and began a search.  Forty minutes later, and one other birder added to the duo, it was 1 - 0 to the BR.

But then a stunning male started to show in the SE corner, and after ten minutes of following him, a female showed too.  They had clearly gathered as a twosome in anticipation of an ark arriving as a response to the meteorological mayhem that was on its way.

And here are the expected shitty-shotties.

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