Thursday, 1 April 2010

What a great pair...................

.............of orange eyes!

There are some birds I never get tired of watching.  I guess it's partly because, as an avid bird book collector in my increasingly distant youth, some were then just a two dimensional image of something I never thought, 30 or more years on, I would ever see.  Redstart, Green Woodpecker and Long-eared Owl are but three.  So tonight, as the sun was setting, I went for a walk in the Arcot Lane area and had a few minutes of bliss.  Not the same type of bliss the three blokes near the entrance to the lake were trying not to have (who 'p*sses' within feet of two other blokes, in the open, with page three of The Sun strategically positioned on a nearby bush, adorned in 'soiled' tissues?). 

Anyway, my first LEO of 2010 was located, and at one stage, it sat in a sapling, only ten yards away, and looked straight down my scope for what seemed like an age.  An absolutely stunning bird, with the orangiest (is that a word?) eyes I have ever seen.  Quite superb!

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