Saturday, 3 April 2010

Michael Barrymore?

When he was not allegedly involved in dubious party behaviour, MB was prone to repeatedly saying, Al- wight, Al-wight, Al-wight!  Indeed, how prophetic, as this week has been an all white (spot the link!) one, with the eagle on Wednesday and the Egret this morning.

After some sterling directions, Warkworth Lane was duly located just after 7:00 am, but no GWE.  I bumped into a guy at Kielder last week, as successful at finding big Sparrowhawks as I am, and I met him again this morning.  We decided to split up, I took Druridge Pools and he Cresswell, both without success.  However, en route, I ticked a Little Owl, and at the Budge, THREE adult, summer plumaged Med Gulls.

And as I left, a strangely behaving man behind the wheel of a black C1, waving his arms like Magnus Pike, attracted my attention, beckoning me to follow his car.  If this has been Arcot, I would have declined (Honest, Officer!!) but on this occasion, it was an Italian Job-like 'chase' to East Chevington in pursuit of the recently spotted GWE.  And after 20 or so minutes, like a well emulsioned heron, it rose from the reeds on the east side of the south end of the South Pool and glided over to the opposite side where it quickly concealed itself.

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