Sunday, 28 March 2010

Swanning Around

Tired of endless drives to see very little, thought I would stay local this afternoon.  Dropped in at Arcot at 2.00 pm and was pleasantly surprised by to find 25 Whooper Swans.

Also noted was a drake Shoveler, four Tufties, several Coots, a few Mallards, three Grey Herons and some crackin' views of  Common Buzzard, with very pale underwings and a liking for flying into the woods at head height, somewhat Goshawk-like, as those who have seen one this year tell me!  I did not see Crammy's female Goosander tho'.

Chiffchaffs were calling to the east, west and north, two Long-tailed Tits moved through the hawthorns, and I watched a Kestrel drop like a stone into the SE field where the small flash is.  A Snipe flew up and the Kestrel retreated to a nearby bush.  Would a Kestrel dine on a Snipe?  Or are they a little too gamy!?!

I was very disappointed to see MSD building on the wetland they used to use to give local schools a taste of Mother Nature. 

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