Sunday, 21 March 2010

First Day of Spring

Walked the usual route today.  Sunny and quite warm as we started out.  Crosland Way, Nelson Industrial Estate, east end, north side, as the path emerges onto Crowhall Lane, the sound of a Chiffchaff.  Within a minute of Sherlock Holmes-like creeping (minus the deerstalker and magnifying glass), VOILA!  Head height, ten feet away, chiffing and chaffing as it went!

Goldcrest calling on the roundabout, and so to the flashes.  Usual suspects, Shelduck, Canada Geese and Teal on the smaller, gulls and ducks on the larger.  The only raptor was a Kestrel

Weather then started to get colder and the sun went in (was that the sumer gone?), so back home for a few hours chores that might then permit me to chase the Crane later.

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