Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nice Legs.....................

..............................shame about the distance.  Like Old Mother Hubbard, and in keeping with my usual prowess, I arrived at Cranes-ville to be told I had missed it by 20 minutes.  It had flown off south then west and was behind some bushes and out of view.  In for a penny, it was off to get a different view from another vantage point to the west of where it appeared to have landed.  Driving through Eshott, I took a punt on Bainbridge Lane (nice place, by the way).  At the south end, a few minutes with the scope picked out the bird (thank the Lord it's 4 foot tall) in the grassed field to the west of the stubble field, and lower in ground level so out of view from the main road.  There's a large grey water butt lying on its side top the SE of the Lane, on the fence line, and the bird was in the grassed area to the east of it.  There is a God!

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