Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Patch Work

Later start to work today, so a 6:30/7:30 am stroll revealed several points of interest, mostly good, but not entirely so.  A Woodcock was flushed from the north end of the copse, as was a male Roe Deer (I don't know who was more spooked, him or me).  The F*ck Factor was that someone has been 'tear-arsing' around on some form of 4 x 4, probably Sunday afternoon when the gate was open for the workies at the new Fire and Rescue HQ.  My patch might not be much to look at, but I have noted more than 90 species since I started recording them.

This evening, same route.  No Alpine Swift or Great Grey Shrike, but 8 Pied Wagtails as a close second (!), 14 Oystercatchers and a few other 'bits' on/near the water.  A Jay flying from the r/about east was a nice surprise (as were 20 Whooper Swans over the house at 21:30 last night).

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