Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sorting the Wheat(ear) from the (Chiff)chaff

Crackin' start to the day; weather superb and no-one else about.  Off out at 06:30 and back an hour later with just under 30 species.  Bullfinch (not seen for a month or so) on the r/about o/s the business park, but the best was a superb male Northern Wheatear sitting on a dead bush next to the grey 13013 box to the south of the sub-station and was quite obliging in terms of letting me get within about 12 feet (come on, Sometimes, one for the expert cameraman here!) .  On the flash were a pair of Oystercatcher, Greylag and Shelduck but generally not a lot else.  A pair of Kestrel's were playin' chasy and passing the sub-station, Mr Wheatear was now on the muddy area south of the road.  And the Chiffchaff was calling its lungs out on Crosland Way on he way back.

I did post the Wheatear on Birdguides at 07:45 but 45 minutes or so later, nothing!


  1. Cracking heading to your post.

  2. Crap @ spotting them, but if I ever do, a good headline is the least I can offer!!